Couponing 101 & 102

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Couponing 101

There are two different organization methods I use to for couponing. These methods are the date method and the category method.

I have tried the date method. The items needed for this method are a binder and sheet protectors. In this method I take the groups of coupon inserts from the newspaper and tear them apart. I then place the pages in a sheet protector and put a sticky note with the date of the newspaper they came from on the front of the sheet protector. I don’t like this method as well as the category method.

I currently use the category method. The items need for this method are a binder and baseball sheet protectors. With this method, I cut out each coupon and group them according to categories. I have each category separated by a tab and like coupons are placed in the baseball sheet protectors. This is my favorite method.


Couponing 102

The items needed for the category method are a view binder, baseball card sheet protectors (9 per page ), 5 packages of tab dividers, and sheet protectors. As the number of coupons you have increases, you may have to purchase another binder and put half the categories in one binder and the other half in a new one.

I can create coupon binder tabs for you. If it sounds like something you would like me to do, send me a message and I’ll be happy to create a generic one so everyone can use them or I can make personalized ones if you would like them. These binder tabs go in sheet protectors to protect them so they will last longer.

I ordered my Ultra Pro 9-Pocket Trading Card Pages – Platinum Series (100 Pages) and immediately began categorizing my coupons as soon as they came in. I know one person that needs a bigger binder using the date method. But I have found that putting the same coupons I have in the date method binder requires a little larger binder for category method.