light and easy Polisher Steam Cleaner, Super Small, White

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Take it home right now to slash your stress over the burden of dreaded housework! don’t spend more time than you need to. This steam mop gets The job done extremely quickly thanks to scrubbing pads- safely cleaning every type of floor surface(including hardwood) without affecting varnish. wash and sanitize your floor effectively with the light ‘n’ Easy steam mop. with triple-layer, steam-activated microfiber pads, This cleaning aid will loosen, lift and lock in the dirt. From wood to tile and every surface in between, steam mops are the best way to keep your floors sanitized and looking spiffy. effective and versatility! The steam mop cleaner is ideal for everything, from light work to heavy jobs. No job is too tough for this mop. It cuts through dirt, grease, and grime in just seconds and can be used as an upright cleaner. It kills 99 percent of germs and bacteria when used as directed. ergonomic design for easy of use! it features a high-tech, ergonomic design with a soft-grip handle, allowing easier, strain-free maneuvering. This light ‘n’ Easy steam pocket mop comes with one washable microfiber pad, a quick-release cord and a filling flask. The low-profile mop head gets into corners and edges and the 19.6ft power cord gives you plenty of reach. happy customers> when you use your steam mop for the first time or if you have not used the unit in awhile, it may take a minute or two for the water to travel through the pump and into the heater to create steam. Get it started by pumping The handle A few times. If you have waited a few minutes and you still do not see any steam, reference the troubleshooting guide on your instructions. Customer service phone number: 844-798-2632.

  • High-tech, ergonomic design has a soft-grip handle and is easy to maneuver without physical strain. Super-heated steam is ready in 20 seconds, also dry in just 20 seconds. Less than 4 pounds, this lightweight-designed mop takes the grind out of steam mopping, so you can enjoy strain-free results.
  • BEST FOR TOUGH JOBS ! It can clean hard-to-reach messes in corners and crevices effortlessly for a complete clean.