Double Bubble – Real Estate Troubles?

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Double Bubble – Real Estate Troubles?

Double Bubble – Real Estate Troubles?

By: Martin Martinez

Much has been said about the demise of the great Real Estate bubble. However, little has been said about it’s little brother who’s growing up fast and strong.

Real Estate Rentals. That’s right rentals. Residential, second homes, vacation homes, mobile homes, condos, timeshares, B&B – you name it! Oh sure, we’ve all heard the horror stories of being a landlord or even dealing with a landlord but there is money to be made in renting your properties. It’s not the fistfull of dollars that flipping Real Estate can get you but it is an income and a good one too if you know how.

With the price of housing and skyrocketing and mortgage rates not far behind, it stands to reason that at some point first time home buyers won’t be able to afford that dream house anymore.
Investors who purchased homes to “flip” for easy cash may find themselves with a “flop”. What to do then as a person who can’t find a home to buy or as an investor who can’t sell his home? Rent it.

The property rental business is this multi-billion dollar sector that quietly sits in the background while it’s big brother Real Estate Sales gets all the glory. But not for long. In Alabama, Mississippi, Lousiana and Florida alone there is a shortage of housing due to the recent hurricanes. Anyone with a spare house, bedroom, camper, lot or closet has been sprucing the place up and renting. And they’re not just renting to displaced residents. They rent to volunteers, insurance adjusters, emergency personell, contractors or anyone who is helping to rebuild those areas. This is an actual driving force of the economy in these devasted areas. Think about it. These once ppopular vacation destinations have just had their tourists replaced with long term workers who are rebuilding the cities affected!

So does that mean you should run out and become a landlord. Well yes and no. Yes if you have the capital to invest and are patient about your investment. The money is in the capital that’s building up in these properties. When the time is right -sell! But in the mean time careful steady income which is paying off your investment and giving you a little extra to boot. “Real Estate Sales” is about to be shown up by it’s little brother “Home Rentals”.

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Martin Martinez has been in the Real Estate Rentals business for 15 years and owns

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